Spray foam insulation solutions for floors

We have a range of spray foam insulation solutions for various flooring and basement applications.

External soffit

WALLTITE spray applied foam insulation can be applied directly to the underside of either concrete or steel hollow rib design, soffit structures. This rigid polyurethane insulation system is airtight and remains permanently adhered to the substrate even in exposed situations. BASF WALLTITE spray foam has a thermal conductivity 0.025 W/mk thereby achieving the maximum insulating performance for a given thickness. Ribbed or waffle shaped soffits can be rapidly, economically and seamlessly insulated and made airtight with WALLTITE foam. Any penetrations into the soffit such as ceiling or pipe hangers and cable trays can easily be sealed by a WALLTITE application, preventing heat loss and cold spots by thermal bridging. WALLTITE spray foam is installed by trained and accredited Foam Master contractor using specialist spray machinery and is Class 1 surface spared of flame rated.


BBA Certificate No. 11/4816. WALLTITE® has undergone various performance tests. Certificates are available on request. WALLTITE® used in conjunction with a fire retardant coating will achieve a Class 0 rating.

Typical detail

WALLTITE external soffit detail

  1. WALLTITE® CL100 insulation to achieve target U-value
  2. Suspended ceiling​

Technical data

NBS clauseP10 185
Adhesion to concrete260kPa
Fire rating0.025 to 0.028W/mK
µClass 1 to BS 476 Part 7


Thickness of WALLTITE (mm)U-value (W/m2K)
Elastospray Soffit InsulationCold ground floors of a building occur if the soffit is not insulated against the unheated basement. The low temperatures in the concrete soffit can lead to high energy losses, interstitial condensation and even the formation of mould. This problem can easily be resolved by insulating with Elastospray LWP.

The BASF spray foam system can be applied to most soffits, without costly access equipment. The material is self-adhesive and requires no labour-intensive cutting and fixing. Water pipes and electrical cables can easily be hung beneath the insulation. Any uneven areas such as old vaulted basements, ribbed or waffled shaped soffits, can be rapidly and economically insulated using Elastospray LWP spray foam.  The insulation is seamless compared to conventional insulating methods, so there is no risk of cold air penetrating through the ceiling and creating heat loss.

  • inhibits mould formation
  • suitable for uneven areas and vaulted ceilings
  • no drilling and fixing
  • seamless insulation under pipes or installations

Attic floor insulation

Enertite Attic Floor InsulationBASF enertite open cell spray foam can be installed between horizontal ceiling joists to the required thickness in order to provide a particular level of insulation or U-Value combined with airtightness.

The open cell spray foam is ordinarily applied to below the uppermost level of ceiling joists. A counter joist can be fixed onto the ceiling joist to allow for a thicker layer if required.

If downlighters are present they must be encapsulated with cover prior to the application of foam. Although electrical cables can be submerged within the foam layer it is recommended to route these through conduit for ease of access at a later date.