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High-performance spray foam insulations and coatings

Effective, economical, versatile and sustainable spray foam insulation solutions, applied throughout Ireland by expert installers.

Wall, Roof and Floor Insulation. Find out more ..

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Which insulation product?

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Closed cell polyurethane foam insulation for internal roofs, floors and walls of residential buildings, new or renovated. Find out more


Open cell, low density polyurethane foam insulation for residential internal roofs and walls, new or renovated. Find out more


Next generation, closed cell system for internal roofs and walls of residential or commercial buildings, new or renovated. Find out more

Spray foam solutions for roofs

Roof solutions

We have a range of spray foam insulation solutions for pitched, flat, new build and refurbished roofs.

Spray foam solutions for walls

Wall solutions

We have a range of insulation solutions for new build and refurbished walling applications.

Spray foam solutions for floors

Floor solutions

We have a range of spray foam insulation solutions for various flooring and basement applications.

Installer network

We have a network of accredited installers.
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Technical resources

Downloads, installation data sheets, certification etc.
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Case studies

See our BASF spray foam products in practice.
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Spray foam insulation solutions from ECON

Established in 2007, ECON Polyurethanes specialises in the promotion and distribution of spray foam insulation throughout Ireland and the UK. With the support and backing of BASF plc, the world’s leading chemical company, we can offer a range of open and closed-cell polyurethane and polyurea systems to meet most requirements for roof, wall and floor insulation in all types of new build and refurbishment projects. ECON can provide the assistance required to help you make an informed decision when it comes to your insulation options. We’re on hand to help with U-Value Calculations, Condensation Risk Analysis, Psi Calculations, Build Details, CPD Seminars, SAP and BER Advice, Cost Guidance, Product Suitability, and Regulation Compliance and can also provide CAD and PDF drawings specific to your build. Installations are carried out by trained and accredited spray foam contractors.